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What happens when you winterize my mooring?
Winterizing of a mooring means we take off the ball and pendant, dropping the chain to the bottom and marking with a winter buoy or ice proof sully stick. This prolongs the life of the chain and also allows us to service the mooring the mooring ball and pendant to make any needed changes or repairs for the upcoming season.
What if my pendant is tangled under the ball or hung down?
Strong currents or lack or use can cause the pendant to become wrapped in the chain. Sometimes a strong pull will free it up, but make sure it gets checked for damage before using. The use of swivels or “Pendant buoys” can also help. Just remember, any time a mooring is left unused for a significant length of time, it should be checked before use.
What if I don't need my mooring anymore?
The first step is to contact the harbormaster and see if he is able to assign someone to your spot that would be interested in purchasing the tackle. Remember, the mooring itself ( stone, chain etc.) is owned by the customer, but the piece of ocean bottom that its sitting on is owned by the town. The mooring fee you pay to the town is like a lease.
I'm trying to pay my town mooring fee and its asking for inspection information. Where do I find that?
A mooring inspection sheet is included with you bill if we do an inspection on your mooring. It’s the customer’s responsibility to provide that information to the town. Most towns require an inspection every 3 years though a mooring that’s been getting winterization service could go twice that long, depending on the conditions, before needing new chain. We work easily with your town’s Harbormaster to schedule inspections appropriately.
Do you take credit cards?
Unfortunately we are not accepting credit cards at this time. Cash or check only. Thanks.
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